Lary A. Saladin Jr., M.P.S.

Lary A. Saladin Jr., M.P.S.

Born: 1979 A.D.  (5979 A.L.)

Lary A. Saladin Jr. was born in December of 1979 in Berwyn, Illinois USA. A suburb of Chicago.

Lary has been involved in the graphic design and the offset printing industry since 1999. His current company is BM Design & Print, Inc. that he co-owns and operates with his business partner.

Just recently in 2014, Lary has been honored by becoming a Freemason and is currently a Master Mason in the state of Illinois. Masonry has helped open his mind and encourages him to educate himself and others.

Lary is now getting back into writing as well and recently wrote a short autobiography/story about dealing with depression and techniques he has learned to fight back. He plans on writing more articles on mental health issues and history. He's currently writing some research papers on Masonry as well as other subjects.

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Writer & Freemason

"Without knowledge, there is pure darkness. And in darkness, we must desire light."

​ - Lary Saladin