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Lary A. Saladin, Jr., M.P.S. is a graphic designer, writer/author, music producer and a Freemason from the Chicagoland area. His interests include: Masonic Studies, World History, Ancient Civilizations, Music, Mythology, Conspiracy Theories, Mental Health and Self-Improvement.

He has written a short article on the origins of Sicilian Dialect. Lary wrote an article on the referencing of “Music & Masonry” that was published in Living Stones Magazine and most recently, he completed an article “Mozart The Mason” that is published in The Working Tools Magazine. Lary also just published his short-autobiography based on his battle over the years with depression as well as his latest book, Mozart & The Freemasons.

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"Without knowledge, there is pure darkness. And in darkness, we must desire light."
- 2014 Lary A. Saladin Jr.